• Baburs produces high quality clothes with interesting design. The history of the brand Baburs began in 2015. It was invented by the owners of the textile company Bek Mega Textile. In a few years, sales have grown markedly. The clothes of this brand are not intended only for young people, it specializes in everyone who wants to remain bright and energetic, regardless of age and social status. Special attention should be paid to outerwear: in each collection from Baburs are a good solution.

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  • INTIMAWO men's and women's underwear is considered to be the embodiment of innocence, wealth, originality and luxury. Any collection INTIMAWO, whether female or male, looks glamorous and worthy, and most importantly it is high-quality and comfortable.

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  • At low cost, production differs in high quality and natural materials.    Children's clothing Gelsamino is made of natural, environmentally friendly raw materials – cotton with a small percentage of polyamide, which allows you to keep the shape and color and elastane, which provides a comfortable fit. The fabric can be repeatedly subjected to washing, Ironing, bending and stretching, it does not sit down and does not lose color.

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We seek new challenges every day and strive for excellence. We dare for more. We expect unexpected.


We keep developing ourselves to improve the results. We run the extra mile. We achieve our goals.


We enable talents to grow. We appreciate the best in people. We treat others the way we want to be treated.


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45 Федеральная оптовая ярмарка товаров и оборудования текстильной и легкой промышленности
47 Федеральная оптовая ярмарка товаров и оборудования текстильной и легкой промышленности
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