• Ensure trouble-free and reliable operation of all types of equipment, their proper operation.
  • Timely quality repair and maintenance.
  • Work on its modernization and increase the cost-effectiveness of equipment maintenance.
  • Control over the good condition of the equipment.
  • If necessary, the installation of new equipment.
  • Compliance with the norms of consumption of spare parts, tools, current consumables:
    • various epiploons, cuffs, elastics.
    • bolts, nuts, engraver, washers.
    • electrodes, oxygen hoses.
    • the keys.
    • power tool.
    • etc.
  • Development of applications for the organization of repair, one of the most responsible responsibilities.
  • Planning activities for major repairs, scheduled weekly repairs and even unscheduled repairs.
  • Scheduling repair and maintenance of equipment.
  • Monitoring and recording of equipment downtime, tracking the reduction or increase in downtime of a node.
  • Organization of work of mechanics (direct repair of equipment or preparation for repair, manufacture of mechanisms).
  • Quality control repair work locksmiths.


  • 25 - 40 years.
  • Higher technical education.
  • Technical characteristics, design features, purpose, modes of operation and rules of operation of equipment of the enterprise.
  • The organization and technology of repair work.
  • Methods of installation, adjustment and adjustment of equipment.
  • The procedure for the preparation of passports for equipment, operating instructions, statements of defects, specifications and other technical documentation.
  • Rules of putting equipment in repair and reception after repair.
  • The organization of the lubricant-emulsion economy.
  • The requirements of the rational organization of labor in the operation, repair and modernization of equipment.
  • Rules of the internal labor schedule.
  • Rules and regulations of labor protection, safety, industrial hygiene and fire protection.
  • Special wishes for candidates no bad habits.

Working conditions:

  • Full time work day.
  • Friendly team.
  • Meals in the corporate dining room.
  • Official employment.
  • Payment for the monthly fare.


  • Negotiated.

To participate in the competitive selection of candidates for this position, you must download the applicant's application form, fill it in electronic form and send to: with the obligatory indication in the subject line of the letter full name. and job title.

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