• Supervises the organization’s accounting staff.
  • Coordinates the appointment, dismissal and relocation of materially responsible persons of the organization.
  • Heads the work on the preparation and adoption of the work plan of accounts, forms of primary accounting documents used for processing business transactions for which no standard forms are provided, the development of forms of documents of the organization’s internal financial statements.
  • Coordinates with the director of the direction of expenditure of funds from the ruble and foreign currency accounts of the organization.
  • Carries out an economic analysis of the organization's economic and financial activities according to accounting and reporting data in order to identify on-farm reserves, prevent losses and non-productive expenses.
  • Participates in the preparation of measures of the internal control system, preventing the formation of shortages and illegal spending of money and inventory, violations of financial and economic legislation.
  • Signs together with the head of the organization or authorized persons the documents that serve as the basis for the acceptance and issuance of cash and inventory, as well as credit and settlement obligations.
  • Controls compliance with the procedure for registration of primary and accounting documents, calculations and payment obligations of the organization.
  • Monitors compliance with the established rules and timing of the inventory of cash, inventory, fixed assets, payments and payment obligations.
  • Supervises the collection of accounts receivable and repayment of accounts payable, the observance of payment discipline.
  • Controls the legality of write-offs from accounting accounts by shortages, receivables and other losses.
  • Organizes the timely reflection on the accounts of accounting of transactions related to the movement of property, liabilities and business transactions.
  • Organizes the accounting of income and expenses of the organization, the execution of cost estimates, sales of products, the performance of work (services), the results of the economic and financial activities of the organization.
  • Organizes the conduct of audits of the organization of accounting and reporting, as well as documentary audits in the structural units of the organization.
  • Provides the preparation of accurate reporting of the organization on the basis of source documents and accounting records, its presentation in a timely manner to users of reporting.
  • Provides the correct accrual and timely transfer of payments to federal, regional and local budgets, contributions to state social, medical and pension insurance, the implementation of timely settlements with counterparties and wages.
  • Develops and implements measures aimed at strengthening financial discipline in the organization.


  • 25 - 35 years.
  • Higher economic education.
  • Experience at least 5 years.
  • The chief accountant should know:
    • Legislation on accounting.
    • Regulatory materials of higher, financial and control and audit bodies on the organization of accounting and reporting, as well as related to the financial and economic activities of the enterprise.
    • Civil law, financial, tax and economic legislation.
    • regulations and instructions on the organization of accounting at the enterprise, the rules for its maintenance.
    • The procedure for registration of operations and the organization of document flow at the accounting sites.
    • Forms and procedure of financial calculations.
    • Methods of economic analysis of the economic and financial activities of the enterprise, the identification of internal reserves.
    • The procedure for acceptance, posting, storage and expenditure of cash, inventory and other valuables.
    • Rules for the inventory of property and liabilities.
    • The procedure and timing of accounting, tax, statistical reporting.
  • The chief accountant is guided in his activities:
    • Legislative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
    • Charter of the company, internal labor regulations, other regulatory acts of the company.
    • Orders and orders of management.
    • This job description.
    • Stress resistance, sociability, responsibility, diligence, efficiency, attentiveness, ability to work in a team.
    • Confident PC user (MS Office) and 1C accounting software.

Working conditions:

  • Full time work day
  • Friendly team
  • Meals in the corporate canteen
  • Official employment
  • Payment for the monthly fare


  • Negotiated.

To participate in the competitive selection of candidates for this position, you must download the applicant's application form, fill it in electronic form and send to: with the obligatory indication in the subject line of the letter full name. and job title.

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